We were at Sam’s Club this weekend, picking up some necessities, when we discovered the best new items!

Just in time for back-to-school, Sam’s Club is selling Baby Yoda fruit snacks and breakfast cereal!

We heard about the breakfast cereal earlier this summer, along with Baby Yoda Fruit Roll-ups, but the fruit snacks are brand new!

Baby Yoda Fruit Snacks and Cereal, found at Sam's Club

The Baby Yoda Fruit Snacks are officially called “Star Wars Mandalorian Fruit Snacks” and come with 90 packs of fruit snacks for $9.98. Each packet of fruit snacks features assorted flavors and comes in the cutest shapes.

There’s the Mandalorian himself, his ship, a frog for “The Child” to eat, and three different Baby Yoda shapes. There’s Baby Yoda’s head shape, Baby Yoda in his pod, and Baby Yoda standing up. These just might be the cutest fruit snacks we’ve seen.

Baby Yoda Fruit Snacks, 90 count

Besides the Mandalorian fruit snacks, Sam’s also carries Star Wars: The Mandalorian cereal. It’s a fruity flavored, sweetened cereal with green marshmallows shaped like Baby Yoda! Each box comes with two bags of cereal for $5.98.

Baby Yoda Cereal, 2 Pack
Baby Yoda Cereal, 2 Pack

According to the signs at Sam’s Club, both items appear to be a limited time item. If you have Star Wars fans in your house, you’ll need to pick them up soon if you want to try them!


Can’t get enough Baby Yoda?

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