This Glow In The Dark Kickball Set Is Perfect For Night Games and Your Kids Need It

Some of my favorite childhood memories were from playing kickball with my friends. We love this cool nighttime kickball set that glows in the dark which allows kids to stay active later into the evening playing with friends!

A glow in the dark kick ball set with 4 bases, pitchers mound, 10 inch ball, and led lights.
This glow in the dark kickball set the perfect way to spend some time outside…even at night!

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Glow In The Dark Kickball Set

That’s one reason the glow in the dark kickball set from Rukket Sports so amazing: kickball games can go long into the night.

What’s Included in the Rukket Kickball Set

This glow in the dark kickball set from Rukket Sports seriously has everything kids need to play a game even after the sun sets.

  • Kids can set up their very own “stadium” using the pitcher’s mound and four-piece base set.
  • As a bonus, there are also LED baseline strips so they can mark out the lines. The included glow sticks too help light the way. They’ll have a seriously super cool stadium of their very own!
Kickball set with glow sticks, pitchers mounds, and bases, and a 10 inch ball that glows in the dark.
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Glow in the Dark KickBall Set Recharges With Any Light Source

But the best part of all, of course, is the glow in the dark kick ball.

While some of the stadium pieces require batteries, the ball does not. Instead, any light source can power up this ball. Just make sure to power it up long before the night game to ensure it glows for as long as possible!

Portable Kick Ball Set that is Easy To Set Up

Don’t worry about having to lug around 12 pieces, they are portable and super easy to set up for a quick game whether you’re playing out in a field or the back yard.

Plus, since it’s portable it is easy to take on the road, bring to family gatherings, church get togethers, or even a family and friend event.

You’ll never have to worry about losing the ball while playing at night.

The 10 inch kickball glows in the dark.
Source: Amazon

Kickball Provides Hours Of Outdoor Fun For The Whole Family

While the ball may be powered up to light up the night, it’s up to the kids to kick that ball as far as they can. And I can bet they’ll have hours upon hours of fun with this kickball set. Adults, of course, can get into the game too and relive some childhood glory.

It even has blue glowsticks to light up the area you are playing in.
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Rukket Glow In The Dark Kickball Set Pricing

If you want to move the game from the backyard to a park or beach, you can do that too. The set also includes an carrying case as well as an air pump for the ball.

The Rukket Glow in the Dark Kickball Set ships for free from Amazon, and the pricing starts at $59.99. That’s totally worth it for how much the kids will play with it!

The glow sticks are able to be hung with hooks and there are 5 of them.
Source: Amazon

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