What is the problem with 2 glasses of wine a night? The fact that it easily turns into 3. Wine o’clock sabotages your next morning and your wellness goals. 
The Problem with 2 Glasses of Wine a Night
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Is Drinking 2 Glasses of Wine Ok?

That is a question that only you can answer for yourself. Is your current relationship with alcohol working for you? Is it adding or taking anything away from your life? What are those 2 glasses of wine really costing you? Maybe they make it harder for you to sleep well, and impossible to get up and workout in the morning. Is the added sugar destroying your diet, and just making you feel gross? Life is so busy and stressful that we can shift to autopilot without even realizing. Sober Sis is the perfect way to learn how to make your choices count, and it gives you the necessary tools to have a mindful relationship with alcohol, or even quit drinking–it’s up to you! Start by downloading the Sober Sis free guide!
The Problem with 2 Glasses of Wine a Night
The Sober Sis 21 Day Reset Challenge.

Make a Change with the Sober Sis 21 Day Reset Challenge

Whether you are looking into how to stop drinking, or searching for coping skills to get out of a rut, Jen Kautsch’s Sober Sis program is an amazing first step in your journey. Sober Sis is a community of women who support each other, while navigating their own path with alcohol. It is definitely NOT  a 12 Steps/ one size fits all program. When you sign up for the Sober Sis 21 Day Reset Challenge, you will have access to tons of resources–even podcasts! The stories from other Sober Sis Members will be like a hand reaching out to coach you on, and speaking of coaching, you also will have weekly coaching sessions with Jen!
The best part is the yummy mocktail recipes that will help with the cravings. Sign up for the Sober Sis 21 Day Reset Challenge here!
The Problem with 2 Glasses of Wine a Night
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Finding Time for Self-Care

Life is busy, and it can be hard to make yourself a priority, but you can’t pour from an empty bucket! Here are some great ways to prioritize your own self-care!

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