When it comes to getting into shape and making fitness a lifestyle there is no doubt that when you are a  mother you experience several different challenges. Some of those challenges are lack of time, energy,  or know how. successful mom workout plan Your intent to keep an active healthy lifestyle is there and it is on the top of your mind but sometimes  you need a little push and motivation to help jump start your journey. You may have some obstacles or  difficulties when it comes to exercising BUT it is definitely possible if you come up with a strategy. Make  it a priority and don't beat yourself up if you don't accomplish everything immediately. This is a  marathon not a sprint.

You Time is a Priority

The first tip I am going to share with you is to budget out you time . I suggest that you write down on a  piece of paper how many minutes you will dedicate per day to you time . This can start at five minutes  and over time increase until you reach forty five minutes to an hour. Now, before you write off this idea  because you lack time, just keep in mind that this is an investment to become a better parent. Think of all of the ways you could increase the quality of your relationships if you had more energy and  motivation in your life. Think of how great your significant other and your children would feel if mommy  had just a little bit more energy to run around the house and play with them or listen a little longer or be  more engaged. Think about that for a little bit and what that means to you and then make the decision.

Efficiency is Key

The second tip I will share with you is how to be efficient in your workouts. Most people think that in  order to get the results you want whether that is, to lose one hundred pounds or fifteen pounds, they  have to spend hours amongst hours working out. That myth is false. It is more important to focus on the  right things and work smarter than it is to just workout longer. In order to be as efficient as possible you want to do exercises that workout multiple muscle groups as  opposed to just isolating a muscle. The reasoning behind that is the more muscles that you work out at  once the more calories you will burn overall. Some examples of this are squats, pushups, squat jumps,  step ups, back rows, etc. Those are all exercises that are going to work out more than one muscle group therefore increasing the  amount of calories you are burning and your metabolism. So you could get a better workout in twenty  minutes doing the right types of exercises than you could doing an hour and a half of exercising. For example, many people will spend an hour on a treadmill working at a pace that is too slow and easy  therefore not allowing their bodies to change when they would be better served to work out in twenty  minutes using the exercises I mentioned above with more intensity in a shorter period of time. There is  your time savings AND better results right there.

Creative Exercise is Exercise!

The third tip is the importance of creativity. What I mean by that is you are able to  make some adjustments to your workouts and you don't let small obstacles get in your way. For  example, if you don't have access to a gym that does not mean you are doomed. You just have to use  stuff in your house with the standard fundamentals of exercise. Creativity can come in different ways such as doing more reps, more sets, less rest, switching workout  orders etc. The key thing to making sure you stick with this for the long term is the creativity in switching  up your workouts so you can stay fully engaged and your body continuously changes. If you do the same workouts over and over again without switching it up your body gets used to it and  stops changing. I hope you guys enjoyed those tips that I shared with you above and if you have further questions or  want to learn more make sure to visit my blog www.fiture.co/blog

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