A rough day at work turns into a rough evening at home with the family, and that 5:00 glass of wine calls like a siren song–but how much wine is too much? 
How Much Wine is Too Much?
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How Can You Tell How Much Wine is Too Much?

When you’re asking yourself that question, it might mean that deep down you want to change things up and figure out how to stop drinking. It doesn’t mean you have a serious drinking problem, maybe you are just sick of the rut of craving that glass, or two glasses, of wine in order to be able to unwind at the end of the day, only to wake up at an odd time and feel horrible. Then that feeling of being unwell clouds the next morning, and the cycle continues. Maybe you just want something new–to find a different path. Start by downloading the Sober Sis Free Guide now. It reveals 5 secrets that will make it easier for you to skip that glass of wine tonight!

How Can Sober Sis Help Me Quit Drinking? 

Jen Kautsch created Sober Sis for just that reason! Sober Sis is a supportive tribe of women who feel the same way, and want a judgement-free, safe zone to explore their current relationship with alcohol. It’s not a 12 step, one size fits all program. There is no right or wrong! Jen and the Sober Sisters share wisdom and information through podcasts and readings, supporting you in any changes you might want to make–whether you want to quit drinking all together, or limiting it to one or two glasses of wine a week, or only drinking on special occasions. 
How Much Wine is Too Much?
Sober Sis 21 Day Reset Challenge

Sober Sis 21 Day Reset Challenge

It takes three weeks to break a habit. Spend this time with 24/7 access to the Sober Sis membership area! You will get tons of resources and podcasts, stories from other Sober Sis Members that will help cheer you on, weekly coaching with Jen, and delicious mocktail recipes that will help with the cravings and still allow you the ritual of relaxing with a pretty glass of yum in your hand! Sign up for the Sober Sis 21 Day Reset Challenge here!
How Much Wine is Too Much?
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Be Kind to Yourself and Be Open to Change

Be your own best friend right now. It isn’t easy to change a life habit, so go easy on yourself if it isn’t easy. Just get back on track, and try again, without making yourself feel bad about it. If you are looking to take control, and shift your relationship with alcohol into something that works better for you, Sober Sis is the perfect first step in your journey.
How Much Wine is Too Much?
Woman hugging herself, embracing self-care!

Self-Care Tips for Busy Moms

Life is busy, and it can be hard to make yourself a priority, but you can’t pour from an empty bucket! Here are some great ways to prioritize your own self-care!

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