Lunchables Released New Dessert Dippers and Your Kids Are Going To Love Them

Bummed you can’t find Dunkaroos on shelves, even though they’re supposed to be there through Summer? Have no fear. Lunchables has your back, just as it has for decades with its convenient lunch packs.

That’s because the food and snack company also offer some super sweet snacks. Literally. Similar to Dunkaroos, these sugary snack packs are deliciously sweet combinations that are perfect for dipping.

What Lunchables Snack Packs Can I Get? And Where?

Lunchables snacks come in three fabulous flavors, and let’s be honest, my kids will love them every single individual snack package.

Just like Dunkaroos, they’re designed for the snacker to dip the cookie in the frosting. In other words, choose how much, or how little, frosting you want. (I can already picture my three-year-old covered in frosting).

Lunchables cookie dunks
Source: Lunchables

Cookie Dunks – This snack comes with mini chocolate chip cookies. Dunk them in the sweet marshmallow creme and finish the treat off with sprinkles. It’s like a birthday celebration for your mouth; just add milk.

Dirt cake lunchables
Source: Lunchables

Dirt Cake – This unique treat starts with squirmy wormy gummy worms… and yes, you’re expected to dip them in the chocolate frosting and chocolate cookie crumbs. It’ll be messy, but totally worth it.

S’mores dippers – Dip the honey graham cracker sticks in a marshmallow creme and mini chocolate chips. Yum!

Now the most important part: where to get Lunchables snacks. These tasty individual packs are available at both Dollar Tree and any other grocery store where Lunchables are typically sold. So go forth and go stock up before they start selling out!


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