KitchenAid appliances are already a staple in so many households. The stand mixers, in particular, are iconic not only for their style and features, but all the color choices too. Now the appliance manufacturer has launched new colors for their commercial-style gas ranges, and they’re gorgeous! 
KitchenAid gas range colors
Source: KitchenAid
KitchenAid has released beautiful new colors for their gas ranges

Nine Beautiful Color Choices for KitchenAid Gas Ranges

While you can’t go wrong with classic stainless steel, a pop of color in the kitchen is on trend in kitchen redesign. Now, no matter what colors are “trending” in kitchen design, you can find a KitchenAid gas range that fits what color palette you have in mind. Related: Check out this kitchen organization ideas.
KitchenAid oven
Source: KitchenAid
So, without further ado, here are the nine colors you can now choose from when selecting a freestanding gas range for your kitchen:
  • Avocado cream (grey)
  • Imperial black
  • Ink blue (bold, dark blue)
  • Milkshake (a tan-tinted gray)
  • Misty blue (soft, light blue)
  • Passion red (a bold red)
  • Scorched orange
  • Yellow pepper
  • Stainless steel — they’ll never get rid of a classic!
As with all of KitchenAid’s launches, they put a lot of thought and research into choosing these curated colors, in addition to the innovative technology for the oven itself too of course.
Orange gas range
Source: KitchenAid
And it looks like they were spot on. When they first previewed the gorgeous Passion red on Instagram, followers went gaga for the look and couldn’t wait for when it was finally released. Well, now these gas ranges are officially available, and you can choose between a 48-inch with a griddle and six stove burners, a 36-inch with six burners, or a 30-inch with 40 burners. Depending on the size you select, the innovative gas range is priced between $4,000 and $8,500.
Misty blue kitchenaid range
Source: KitchenAid
But the biggest question is: what color will you get? We redid our kitchen recently, and I would have loved to have the KitchenAid gas range in Ink Blue!  If you can’t decide on what color best fits your kitchen, have no fear. You can request a color sample to make it’s just right for your kitchen’s color palette. 


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