Best Price on Home Security: Stay Safe at Home with an ADT Monitored System from SafeStreets

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Being stuck at home has reminded us how important home is to our family. SafeStreets, ADT Authorized Provider, makes home security easy, and they are offering an amazing deal on a SafeStreets home security system for Kids Activities Blog readers! 

Safe at Home SafeStreets Home Security System
Woman entering her pin to arm/ disarm her home security system.

Why Should I Buy a Home Security System? 

Is it worth it to spend all that money on a security system? In a word? Yes!

Why monitoring? It seems expensive, but when you really look at what you are getting it’s not a lot to pay and it is worth it! Doorbell cameras are great, but they don’t call for help. When other security systems are triggered, they contact the police, but they are inundated with similar calls. When your SafeStreets alarm goes off, it is handled by ADT, which makes me feel so secure! Also, the costs of security monitoring are nothing compared to what you could lose in a robbery—possessions, and even worse, life itself.

It is scary just having your home broken into once, but the creep factor is upped, because according to, “51% of homes suffered from a repeat burglary within one month of the initial offense. And even the burglars don’t return to the same house, chances are good that they target at another house in the same neighborhood”. It pays to be prepared!

Best Price on ADT: Stay Safe at Home with a SafeStreets Home Security System

As a single mom, I value the feeling of security, and knowing that help, and first responders, are a short call away. One of my friends is even using part of her stimulus check to buy a home security system. She is nervous about economic fallout and a potential rise in crime and burglaries, so this is the time to buy.

Another added benefit to having security cameras, is been being able to see who is at my door and communicate with them, remotely. This has made social distancing so much easier, and even allows me to regularly thank my awesome UPS delivery guy and mail carrier for working through this scary time. 

Safe at Home SafeStreets Home Security System
SafeStreets Limited Time Exclusive Home Security Offer

How to Save Money With SafeStreets’ Exclusive Home Security Offer

This is the perfect time to buy home security equipment! SafeStreets has an amazing offer…

You will get $850 in FREE (with $99 installation charge and new monitoring agreement. Early termination fee applies.) home security equipment, plus a free Smart Doorbell Camera, plus a $100 Visa gift card from SafeStreets! There has never been a better time to help protect your family and home. Get the full details here!

Stay Safe at Home with a SafeStreets Home Security System!
Happy family staying safe at home.

More Ways to Stay Safe at Home

Does this article have your mind spinning, thinking of other dangers at home? 

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