Indoor Safety Tips
¢ Unplug appliances before you clean them.
¢ Don’t overload outlets with cords.
¢ Teach kids not to poke things into electrical outlets, toasters, or any other appliances,
¢ Use plug covers or inserts in all your outlets.
¢ Keep electrical cords away from kids’ reach.
¢ Teach kids that electricity and water never mix.
¢ Keep all radios, hair dryers and other appliances secured or out of bathrooms.

Outdoor Safety Tips
¢ Outdoor outlets should be on a circuit protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI), which are required in newer homes in bathrooms, garages, outdoors, and near sinks.
¢ Teach kids never to fly kites near any power lines.
¢ Toys or other objects caught in electrical equipment should be left alone and the kids should find an adult to help.
¢ Teach kids to recognize “Danger” signs and not to climb in trees if power lines pass through or near them.
¢ Teach kids that pad-mounted transformers (those metal cabinets on concrete pads) are not safe places to play.

Electrical Work Safety Tips
¢ The first and only safety tip is don't do your own electrical work, period.

Actually I am only 95% serious about that statement. I am all for self-sufficiency, however, only when the reward outweighs the risk, and I am not sure saving money meets that criteria. For any electrical repair or modification that you are not very familiar with or 100% confident in your ability to perform, you should use a professional, licensed electrician, preferably one that is well experienced. It has always been perplexing to me that there are folks that think electrical work is simple. For sure it is not brain surgery, but there are idiosyncrasies that must be controlled and that can best be done by someone who has done it many times already. Even in the case of hiring an electrical contractor, you risk getting someone who may have a little experience but may be doing what you hire him to do for the first time. If you do your own carpentry work, you may end up with a crooked wall. If you do your own plumbing work, you may end up with water on the floor. If you do your own electrical work, you may end up ¦ ¦.Well, I will let you finish that sentence.


Best Wishes,
Jayson K. Jolivette
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