Ready or not, here come words that start with the Letter V!

Before you start to work on these vocabulary words that start with the letter V, select your favorite sight word and spelling activities

Letter V Sight and Spelling Word List - Kids Activities Blog

Next, prepare them so that you can make learning a breeze for your child. Figuring out how to teach sight words in the way that will best work for your child can seem so great a burden. Don’t worry; we’ve got you!

When you are ready, you can move onto our sight word list for words that start with the Letter N (for kindergarten and 1st grade) and our spelling list, below. 


As we start to gather Kindergarten Sight Words and 1st Grade Sight Words, one can easily tell there are too many to teach at once.

Luckily – we have come up with a solution! Grouping these difficult words by the letter they start with is a great guide to our progress as well as making lessons more efficient. By grouping by letter, we are able to create entire categories of activities that help you teach the alphabet.

Lucky for you, this lesson is a VERY easy one. 

That’s right! This week’s only sight word is very

If you think your child will enjoy it, you can start to teach them the difference between being something and being very something. 

For example, when they tell you that they are happy, you can ask, “Are you very happy?” When they say that they are sad, you can counter with “But you’re not very sad, are you?”

Asking questions is one of the best ways to understand where your child is, in the process, and how you can best help them continue to grow.

This will begin to lay the foundation for future lessons. One of those lessons could be learning that joyful is another word for “very happy”. Expanding vocabulary is a constant and evolving game that you can stay one step ahead of. 


While I am definitely opinionated on the easiest way to learn spelling words, there is no wrong answer. If you’re making progress, you’re doing something right.

You can’t spell fundamental without fun, right? If you need fun spelling ideas, we’ve got you covered!



  • vary
  • vast
  • vat
  • verb
  • vent
  • very
  • vice
  • view
  • void
  • vote



1st Grade spelling words introduce a lot of concepts that are helpful! If I find my child is struggling with any particular combination of letters, I’ll hunt down similar words. Then, we will usually drill with the extended list. When teaching 1st grade spelling words, it is important to make sure that you are not overwhelming your child. Take it slow and let understanding develop naturally. 


  • violin
  • video
  • value
  • victor
  • vault
  • Vegas
  • velvet
  • vinyl
  • venue
  • verse




  • vacant
  • vacuum
  • vanilla
  • vampire
  • variable
  • variety
  • vegetable
  • village
  • viking
  • Vermont




  • vacation
  • valentine
  • variation
  • vegetarian
  • velocity
  • version
  • vertical
  • vehicle
  • Vietnamese
  • virtually


There are surely words that aren’t even on this list that you and your child see every day! If you catch yourself using one of the words listed above in conversation – or even if you just see it on a billboard – make a note of it to your child. If you seem gleeful and fascinated, they will join in and start to use their new skills to recognize the words, themselves. As you go about your daily business, try looking for words that start with the Letter V. 

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