If you’re looking for a new, creative DIY project, you need to see this. People are using pennies to create mosaic flooring. In other words, they’re designing their very own penny floor, and these floors look absolutely amazing.  Kat Von D shared her penny floor on social media earlier this month, and her fans went crazy for the look. As one person said, “I love the different shades of the pennies used to create the lovely pattern. It looks like a rug.” Using a total of 28,928 pennies, her floor is truly a work of art. But Kat Von D wasn’t the one who started this crazy cool trend.  That honor goes to the talented Kelly Graham, who owns the Etsy shop Camias Jewelry Designs. Back in 2015, she designed a floor for her foyer using 7,500 real pennies. That’s a lot of change for a floor project! But the end result is, frankly, stunning (and a whole lot cheaper than most flooring projects). She used old and new pennies alike, along with a few dimes, after buying them in bank rolls. Since copper pennies can look darker or lighter depending on a few factors, including age, she organized them based on how she wanted her floor — which was about six square feet — to look. She also made such each and every penny was face up. Then she got to work gluing them to the floor, a project that took about three weeks in total. As she shared on her Facebook page, she changed up the center of the design a few times before she committed to a final design. Once all 75,000 pennies were glued in the proper place, she ensured the penny floor would last a long time by grouting the floor and finishing it with a coat of clear resin. Those steps are super important to ensure the penny floor will stand the test of time. https://www.instagram.com/p/CABYBhtgmlg/ Five years late Graham’s penny floor still looks amazing… and, yes, she has kids! 



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