Costco announced their latest temporary rule change this week.  Besides adjusting shopping hours for at-risk groups, limiting numbers of people allowed in the store, and asking shoppers to wear masks, Costco is now limiting purchases on fresh meat items to ensure more customers can get these products.

While most stores believe there isn’t a shortage of product, processing times are slower due to factory shut downs. Demand is also currently higher with more people eating meals at home.  Costco hopes these limitations will help ensure that more customers can get the items they need each week.

Currently, the limits at Costco are three items of beef, pork and poultry products, in any combination. Other grocery stores are limiting as well. For example, some Kroger family stores are limiting meat purchases to two chicken, two pork, and three ground beef purchases per customer. While Costco’s limits are lower, the product sizes make three “products” last for more meals.

What does this mean for you and your family?

Shop with a meal plan in mind. We love meal planning normally, but these new limits mean you’ll need to think about what you want to cook each week to ensure you have the right proteins. 

Try our 5 Healthy One-Pan Meals for an Entire Week and watch for new meal preps on our Facebook Lives.

Be flexible with that plan too!  With grocery stores sometimes out of what you need, have some back up ideas in mind. 

We love these 21 Make-Ahead Dinners for busy nights or these 15 Minute Dinners.

Consider vegetarian proteins as alternative options.

Our Vegetarian Black Bean Burgers are a perfect summer grill option or try a vegetarian stew or chili.

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