It’s definitely going to be a Baby Shark kind of summer, with everyone’s favorite finned friend everywhere. 

You know you’re already singing the “Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo” in your head as soon as you hear mention of Baby Shark, and now your kids can sing it too as they ride around on Baby Shark bikes.

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Like the new Baby Shark ATV, the 12″ Baby Shark bike is marketed for toddler fans of the show and makes a great first two wheeler for little ones to learn to ride.

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The Baby Shark bike has a shiny blue finish that makes all the Baby Shark graphics pop.  All your favorite characters are on there to help cheer your child on. 

As a first bike, it’s also full of safety features for a brand-new rider, including a rear coaster brake, removable and adjustable training wheels, a quick release seat post, and full protective chain guard.  Just add a helmet, maybe a Baby Shark one, and get riding.

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You just know your kids will be zipping around the neighborhood in no time, singing “Let’s go ride doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo!”

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While you’re enjoying your Baby Shark summer, why not add Baby Shark Slime in a mini fish bowl, a Baby Shark Bubble Blaster, a Baby Shark Play Tent, or Baby Shark Bath Crayons to play with in the pool?  There’s so much shark fun out there to be had!

Just don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards, the Baby Shark’s handwashing song helps you time it right!

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We have a diy bike rack made out of PVC pipes!

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