This post is under construction in my head…circling, spiraling, spinning out of control. Everywhere I look, everyone I talk to and everthing I see seems to add something new to the funnel cloud. Then Reality starts yelling at me, “You have no business sitting down and writing a blog right now”. “Shut up Reality! Why do I need to be productive?” Reality responds sarcastically, “You have a to-do list the size of Texas. Did you notice that Christmas is in a few days?” I usually can at least acknowledge Reality, but with that attitude… So the storm will keep brewing and at some point (hopefully before I have to try to sleep through the thunder and lightening) I will type it out of my head. The title will stay the same because right now reality is on my no-chance list.

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  1. Oh, my life too right now! I have packing for 4 people for 6 days to do and I can’t get myself to do it!

    OMG tomorrow morning is going to start EARLY!

    P.S. I have about 6 posts in my head right now that I can’t seem to get down…maybe eventually!

    Good luck with all your stuff!

  2. I write posts in my head all the time. They’re always funnier and more ironic in my imagination than they come out when I get around to typing them though. I think it’s the delay that makes them loose their fizz. So…if you come up with something good, get it down, it’s good therapy…reality can wait!

    Now, I’m back to my Michigan sized to-do list. See ya later. 🙂