Are your kids big fans of Peppa Pig, her brother, George, and Mummy and Daddy Pig? Now you can get the Peppa Pig: Theme Park app for free on Apple iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon, for all your device choices. In this game for preschoolers, Peppa and her friends are heading to the amusement park and bring you along for the trip.  Eight different games inside the app are sure to keep kids busy for hours. The games include helping Peppa and her friends:
  • Ride across the theme park on the train picking up and dropping off passengers along the way
  • Float in a hot air balloon collecting balloons as you go
  • Help make candy floss for Peppa, George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig
  • Fire the water cannon to hit the targets
  • Steer the racing cars around the track
  • Take a ride in a bumper car
  • Spin around on the teacup ride
  • Play a tune on the musical water fountain
As they play, kids earn virtual stickers and coins, to be redeemed in the game for virtual prizes for their characters. Even better, the Peppa Pig: Theme Park app features no ads or in-app purchases, so there are no worries for parents while their child is enjoying their screen time. All prizes are in-game only and no credit card is needed to play or redeem. The Peppa Pig: Theme Park app is currently free on Apple iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon, with a normal price of $2.99, so make sure to download it soon!


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