Video calls are now regular occurrences. My oldest uses them for school, and we “visit” with family through Zoom chats on a regular basis. Thanks to Pixar, these video chats are about to become even more fun. That’s because the movie studio released a set of virtual backgrounds from some of their most popular movies. video call

How to Save The Pixar Backdrops

Step 1. Hop on over to Pixar’s Facebook page here. Step 2. Pick which backdrops you’d like to use. Current choices include Pixar movie backgrounds from Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Up, Cars, Inside Out, and The Incredibles. Step 3. Save the photo to your device. To download a pic on a desktop, click ‘options’ in the bottom right corner of the picture, then choose ‘download.’ On a mobile device, go to the upper right of the pic, click the three dots, and then ‘save photo.’
Up movie
Source: Pixar

How to Use the Pixar Photos During Video Calls

While every video conferencing site or tool has different settings and functionality, some of them let you choose a ‘virtual backdrop.’ This backdrop essentially changes the background that people see when chatting with you. (It’s also a good way to avoid cleaning up by hiding any mess!) video call If you’re using Zoom, for example, use these steps to set up your Pixar virtual background. Step 1. Once you’ve started your video call, in the bottom left of your screen click the arrow to the right of “stop call.” Step 2. Select “Choose Virtual Background.” Step 3. To add your new Pixar background, click the plus sign. Navigate to your picture on your computer or device, select it, and then Zoom will add it to available background options. This way you can have as many animated backgrounds as you’d like! (Or if you’re like my parents, you can post vacation photos in the background and pretend you’re climbing Mount Etna). Other conferencing and video call sites, like Google Hangouts, often let you set your own personal virtual background as well.
Finding Nemo backdrop
Source: Facebook

For Best Results, Keep These Factors in Mind

Fair warning: a lot of factors affect how the background will appear to viewers. For the best results — and to make sure you don’t disappear into the background — have your “real” background be green and have adequate lighting. Because while these Pixar backgrounds are super cool and fun to use? At the end of the day, the viewer wants to see you.


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