These Inside Out crafts and Inside Out Activities are a great way to not only craft and get creative, but to explore emotions as well! These Inside Out crafts and activities are great for kids of all ages: toddlers, preschoolers, even Kindergarten kids! Promote pretend play, make art, and explore emotions at home or in the classroom.


Fun Inside Out Crafts and Activities For Kids

Inside Out such a fun movie, and what’s not to love about helping kids understand and talk about their emotions and the emotions of others?

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If your kids have seen the Disney Pixar movie Inside Out), you know all about Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear, Anger, Bing Bong & Riley. This movie was a huge hit in my family, which led us to start making all sorts of Inside Out crafts. Here are some of our most favorites!

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Inside Out Crafts

1. Joy and Sadness Cupcake Liner Craft

Use cupcake liners and paint to make Joy and Sadness with your kids. via Your Crafty Family (link unavailable)

2. Inside Out Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Make the whole entire Inside Out cast with toilet paper rolls! We adore this craft so much. via Meaningful Mama

3. Inside Out Stress Ball Craft

What kid wouldn’t love making and playing with these squishy Inside Out stress balls? via Mom in the Madhouse

4. Inside Out Perler Bead Craft

Use Perler Beads to make all their favorite Inside Out characters. via I Can Teach My Child

5. Inside Out Paper Plate Puppet Craft

Paper plates and paint make these really fun Inside Out puppets little ones will love. via The Pinterested Parent

6. DIY Memory Ball Craft

Make your own memory ball just like Riley’s! Love this idea so much. via Mrs. Kathy King

7. DIY Inside Out Shoes Craft

How cute are these DIY Inside Out shoes? My kids would adore these. via My Kids Guide(link unavailable)

8. Inside Out Bottle Charms Craft

Watch this great tutorial on YouTube for a step by step guide to making Inside Out bottle charms. So cute! via Miss Artie Craftie

9. Inside Out Emoji Magnets Craft

Grab some Polymer clay to make these fun Inside Out emoji magnets. via Bre Pea

10. Super Cute Inside Out Inspired Craft

Take a walk together to pick up some stones for this sweet Inside Out inspired craft. via Modern Mama

11. DIY Anger Mask Craft

Play pretend by making this fun Anger mask. via Desert Chica

Inside Out Activities

Inside Out activities for kids - collage of different Inside out ideas for crafts
What fun Inside Out Activities!

12. Inside Out Emotion Discovery Activity

These emotion discovery bottles inspired by Inside Out, are a great teaching opportunity and are really fun to play with. via Lalymom

13. Yummy Bing Bong Treats

Make some Bing Bong treats for a fun snack, or to go with an Inside Out inspired party. via Mama Dweeb

14. Jar of Joyful Memories Activity

A jar of joyful memories made with Mom’s help will encourage children to notice the good things that happen to them. via Fandango

15. Free Printable Feelings Journal Activity

Talk about your feelings with this pretty printable feelings journal inspired by Inside out. via Brie Brie Blooms

16. Bing Bong Rocket Ship Activity

Create a pretend rocket ship inspired by Bing Bong, using a wagon. via Step 2

17. Delicious Joy Themed Lunch

Expect lots of giggles when this Joy lunch is served! How fun is this? via Lunchbox Dad

18. Yummy Inside Out Swirl Cookies Recipe

These Inside Out swirl cookies are fun to make, and fun to eat. via Mama to 6 Blessings

19. Free Printable Emotions Mix Up Activity

Grab this free printable emotions mix up game to play with your kids. via Inspiration Made Simple

20. Printable Inside Out Emotions Game

Print this Inside Out emotions game for a colorful (and fun) learning activity. via Printable Crush

21. Mood Board Activity

How are you feeling today? Choose your emotion with this fun mood board. via Eighteen 25

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Who is your child’s favorite character from Inside Out? What was your favorite Inside Out activity?

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