You Can Help Your Kids Write Letters to Nursing Home Residents and Make Their Day

If you’re quarantined for the next several weeks, there are still ways you can teach your kids how to give back, even while staying indoors and practicing social distancing.

Many elderly people are living in nursing homes that have severely limited visitors (or none at all) during this time and many more do not have frequent visitors even without the virus.

A nursing home administrator on Facebook writes:

Due to COVID-19, there is no longer any visitation for the residents by their family. While school is out, maybe your kids could write a letter or a card or color a few pictures for the residents. A happy piece of mail like this would be fantastic during this time.

The administrator goes on to share an address for her nursing home in the Dallas area, but parents can reach out to a nursing home local to them for a mailing address as well.  Just be sure to call, not stop by!

Let your children draw and color a picture for a new elderly friend or write them a letter to help cheer them up. 

Maybe they have a story or a poem they have written they could share?  Maybe they enjoy drawing and have a picture they could send?  Even the youngest children could color a printed picture to send (check out all our printable possibilities).

Whether you’re working on schoolwork or just spending a week or two extra at home on extended spring break, don’t forget your elderly neighbors and show your kids the joy of a random act of kindness.


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