This Little Boy In A Wheelchair is Thrilled to See An Ad Featuring A Kid Like Him and It’ll Warm Your Heart

Representation in media matters and nothing shows it more than this sweet toddler who saw himself in an advertisement at Target!

Courtesy of Ollie’s World on Facebook

Inspirational Story of Boy in a Wheelchair

Little Oliver was born with Caudal Regression Syndrome (Sacral Agenesis), which means his spinal cord didn’t fully develop.

This means he uses a wheelchair for mobility, but nothing stops him from getting around.

Courtesy of Ollie’s World on Facebook

At Target, Ollie discovered a large advertisement in the boys’ department, showing another young boy in a wheelchair as well.

Ollie stopped his chair, staring at the advertisement, which is when his mom snapped the sweet photo.

She writes:

Thank you Target! Today Oliver stopped me dead in his tracks and turned back around to see this picture that he spotted! He just stared at it in awe! He recognized another boy like him, smiling and laughing on a display at Target. Oliver sees kids every day, but he never gets to see kids like him. This was amazing!

Even better, thank to the power of the internet, the story made it all the way back to Massachusetts, where the model in the photo lives.  

Colton’s mom has reached out to Oliver’s family too after seeing how her son has touched the toddler’s life.

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Did you love this story?  I did!

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