Some things should just stay in Vegas

Blog-Stedman and I went to Las Vegas last week.   It was a planned trip that we agonized over for a few weeks to assure that we could afford to go.   It is no shock to those who know us that our approach to gambling is a bit different.   Blog-Stedman is a low risk taker and views any gambling expenditures as LOSSES (yes, he views them in all caps).   I on the other hand am pretty sure that it is just a matter of time before I will be handed over one of those big cardboard checks…so obviously anything I spend on gambling is just hastening that event.

I view him a little on the glass half empty side.   He views me as crazy and borderline dangerous.

It works for us.

In Texas.

Away from casinos.

Holly at the Caesars Palace fountain

I learned my lesson this summer as we made our yearly pilgrimage to Shreveport.   I popped a $100 into a slot machine and he nearly fainted in the aisle.

So, because after 17 years of marriage it has occurred to me that it is in my best interest to not have to scrape my husbands lifeless body off the tacky casino carpeted floor, I promoted the idea of a budget for our Vegas trip.   A budget would clearly spell out what we would spend.   A budget would clear up confusion when it came to money and gambling.   I would make the magical budget and all would be right in our world.

Go budget!

It was made, approved and implemented.

We had a great trip.   Saw some friends.   Ate at some amazing restaurants.   Played some poker.

All in all due to some changes in schedules and some winnings and   we came in $1000 UNDER budget.

Yep.   $1000.   There might have been some budgetary gloating going on during our return flight on my part.

Which is why I nearly strangled my husband of 17 years as we left the airport parking lot and he handed me the $24 parking receipt and said, “bet you didn’t budget for THAT.”  

I really should have just left him in Vegas…


  1. But had you left him in Vegas, who would take the trash out?

  2. Wow, very impressed! You made me miss Vegas AND all the money I have left there! 🙂

    With the exception of last year, I have been going to Vegas with a group of 5 couples around Valentines Day. IT is always so much fun!

  3. Seriously? I can’t imaging my brother saying that. Ok, JK. We both know better than that. Glad you had a great time and you are home safely. Can’t wait to see ya’ll at xmas. Kiss those adorable nephews of mine. xoxo

  4. Very clever! Cute picture Holly!

  5. I’m the more reserved one while the husband is all “oh! a roulette wheel!”

    I totally would have gloated though…

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