Maybe it’s the cool crisp air, Halloween festivities or the pumpkin spice latte but Fall seems to bring a sort of happiness like none other. Science actually agrees because a recent Study Says Fall Babies Are More Likely To Live Longer and I am okay with that. While I was born in the heat of summer (August) it’s good news for some of my family born in the fall… A study published in the Journal of Aging Research in 2011, found that the month a person is born in has “significant long-lasting effect on survival to age 100.” Those born in fall months seemed to live longer than those who didn’t. Crazy, right?
It was found that months of birth have significant long-lasting effect on survival to age 100: siblings born in September–November have higher odds to become centenarians compared to siblings born in March. A similar month-of-birth pattern was found for centenarian spouses. These results support the idea of early-life programming of human aging and longevity. (Source)
Basically, those born in fall months were said to be more likely to live to be 100 years of age or older than those born in other months. But, why? They aren’t really sure but have a few theories about it… The most popular hypothesis surrounding this idea is seasonal illnesses which is the idea that being born in the fall exposes infants to sicknesses that ultimately impact their longevity. Maybe it is that the illnesses they are exposed to makes them less prone to those illnesses and problems later in life? While we may never know the actual reason, and the study had several interest points, I will just call this a win for all those fall babies. Fall is pretty much the best season ever and here’s one more reason to prove it!

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