I am so sorry if you just got the Baby Shark song stuck into your head for the thousand time after reading the title of this post but you have to know, a Baby Shark Fingerling Is Coming and We Can’t Wait to Get One!

Baby Shark Fingerling Is Coming!

Baby Shark has been around for quite some time. The ever popular song made its way to Plush Shark Toys this past holiday season where they sold out everywhere. Some were even selling for $75+ on eBay during the holidays! Quite a hefty price tag for something that seems to be a song nobody can seem to top nor get out of their head. And now, you can relive that magic (or nightmare depending on how you look at it) again and again with the new Baby Shark Fingerlings! The super adorable Fingerling features the bright yellow Baby Shark that sings the iconic Baby Shark, Do Doo Do Do Doo song and has a fin that lights up.  
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Like WowWee’s other line of Fingerling products, the Baby Shark Fingerling will retail for $15 at major retailers.
That’s not all… According to a press release, the company is launching “countless new products” as well as a whole line of Baby Shark Family Singing Hand Puppets. POPSUGAR even reports that some of the new Baby Shark themed products being launched are a Baby Shark Melody Walker, a puzzle that sings when it’s completed, and a Baby Shark Play-Doh kit. So, get ready because there is going to be a lot more of the Baby Shark Song!

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