As we near closer to Summer it’s hard to not crave a cold, sweet treat and Dairy Queen knows it!

Dairy Queen is Selling Dreamsicle Dipped Cones and People Are Freaking Out even before it’s released in all stores!

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Back in 2019, Dairy Queen released a Dreamsicle Dipped Cone and they have since brought them back.

In fact, you can get one at your local DQ now!!

The cone contains the classic vanilla soft serve and is dipped in a sherbet-like orange-flavored ice coating. YUM!

“Our world-famous vanilla soft serve, dipped in a crunchy, creamy orange coating.”

Can you say, dreamy?

People who have tried the cone cannot seem to get enough of it posting to Twitter saying:




Some are even reporting that this cone (in a small) will only cost you $0.43 that is less the price of a gum ball at the mall vending machine!!!


Let’s just hope you’re not lactose intolerant so you can give this dreamy treat a try! 😉

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