Easy Recipes You Can Make with Your Kids

Like to eat? So do we! It’s actually our favorite bonding time. Here’s a bit of tweak: Spend more bonding time with your kids by making some easy recipes with them!

Check out some of the latest dishes we’ve been cooking up. And have those little hands join in too!

Favorite Kid-Friendly Recipes

Here’s our list of kids’ favorite food that they can make with you.

1. Tasty Stuffed Lunch Rolls Recipe

These Stuffed Lunch Rolls are really good. It’s my kiddo’s favorite in his lunchbox!

2. Refreshing Green Smoothie Recipe

Have a healthy drink with this Green Smoothie recipe. You won’t believe how the kids love it!

3. Yummy Soft Pretzel Recipe

These yummy Soft Pretzels are the snack those little hands won’t stop from getting.

4. Delicious Breakfast Burritos Recipe

How about making some Breakfast Burritos for a hearty breakfast?

Savory Main Dish Recipes

You’ll be surprised that you can actually make these main dishes with your little worker!

5. Savory Buffalo Chicken Recipe

Buffalo Chicken is our favorite. It’s savory and so good!

6. Empty-Your-Pantry-Casserole Recipe

There are recipes that say what happens after you make them. Like this Empty-Your-Pantry Casserole Recipe. Try it to prove it!

7. Bacon-Potato Torte Recipe

Bacon-Potato Torte is my kid’s personal favorite. They love making and devouring them!

SIde dishes and dips recipes for kiddos

Making side dishes and dips are perfect for your little chef.

8. Lazy Woman Bread Recipe

This Lazy Woman Bread is a semi-sourdough, so good as a side dish!

9. Bready for Dummies Recipe

Start teaching those small hands how to make their own bread with this Bread for Dummies recipe.

10. Hot Italian Jardiniere Recipe

Impress the family with this Hot Italian Jardiniere recipe for your dip!

11. Traditional Salsa Recipe

A traditional tasty Salsa will never go wrong. That’s for sure.

Kid-Friendly Dessert Recipes

How about making some sweet dessert with your little ones?

12. Crazy-Fun Edible Dirt Recipe

Have some fun when you make this realistic Edible Dirt recipe. Yummy with edible creepy crawlies!

13. Easy Strawberry Jam Recipe

Here’s another classic for kiddos: Strawberry Jam! That’s their jam!

14. Sweet Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

Hey! Make some Homemade Ice cream and have a cool dessert.

15. Easy DIY Biscotti Recipe

You can make your own Biscotti. Try making this recipe with those little cute hands!

Canned Recipes for you to try

Pass on a great tradition of canning to your little ones!

16. Canning 101: Intro to Canning

This Intro to Canning instructions can be helpful, especially if you’re trying to get your little ones into the canning hobby too!

17. How to Can Italian Jardiniere

Can some Hot Italian Jardiniere and spread the hot tasty dip to your friends.

18. How to Can Classic Salsa

Learn how to can the classic Salsa recipe. A perfect gift too!

19. How to Can Sweet Strawberry Jam

Your kiddos can make their own Strawberry Jam. Oh, yes they definitely CAN!

Which kid-friendly recipe are you trying out first? Share in the comments!

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