Having some rainy days in your neck of the woods?   April is definitely the month for rain showers!  If you can’t get outside for some fresh air, try these indoor activities to keep your little ones busy.  We even have some creative ways to go and play IN the rain! These fun play ideas were inspired by  Playtivities.  Birute has lots of other ideas of ways to engage your kids.

10 Rainy Day Play Ideas

10 Rainy Day Play Ideas

1.   Play this fun listening game  with your own homemade phone.  This is a fun craft plus a great way to teach listening skills. 2.   Paint rock people for a fun craft and then use them for this fun storytelling idea.  This activity is great for using your imagination. 3.   This egg carton caterpillar is a fun and educational spring craft to teach kids about caterpillar metamorphosis. 4.   You don’t have to have snow on the ground or pay for an expensive ski resort to have a lot of fun skiing.   Make your own skis and slide around at home! 5.   Make a cute set of sock puppets  and have your kids make up stories for them to act out. 6.   Turn food and other random objects around the house into art!  Your kids can get really creative with this! 7.   If   a storm rolls in and the power goes out, be ready to play this fun glow in the dark tic-tac-toe game!  Just keep an extra set of those glow necklaces around. 8.   This unique friendship activity will teach a child that keeping a long-distance friendship is possible and lots of fun. 9.   Here is an easy and fun way to teach children about time zones  by making a set of world clocks.  Super easy! 10.   For those of you feeling daring and adventurous, here are ways you can go have fun IN the rain!  Everyone loves to splash in puddles!

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