When I was a kid, I loved going to the beach with my family.

We lived in Florida, so any time spent in the sand and waves was welcome and happy.

As amazing as the beach is, though, it is still nature.

Mom finds snail inside boys knee video - Kids Activities Blog - large snail on a leaf
Well, hello snail!

And while we wear protective material to cover us in most of nature, at the beach all we’ve got is a little sunblock and a few scraps of light fabric.

It’s no wonder we end up with beach injuries.

The worst I can remember are the times I’d either step on a jagged seashell and cut my foot, or the dreaded sting of a jellyfish.

Nothing compares to the sting of a jellyfish.

Especially when you’re a little kid and don’t exactly understand what’s causing that pain.

None of my injuries came even a little close to what this boy endured, though.

child's face close up

What doctor’s thought was an infected bump on his knee turned out to be something else entirely…something I don’t think many of us could fathom dealing with.

And while the doctors warned his mom against squeezing it, for fear she might spread the infection, she knew in her gut something else entirely was going on.

mom looking at knee

Take a look!

Mom Finds Snail INSIDE Boys Knee Video

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Would you be grossed out if you found a snail in your knee?  {Shudder}

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