You Can Make Scrambled Eggs without Breaking the Egg Shell! [Video]

Did you know that you can really make scrambled eggs without breaking the egg shell? I had no idea this was possible until watching this video on how to make golden eggs.

When I think of scrambled eggs, I think of this…

Make scrambled eggs without breaking the egg shell video - Kids Activities Blog - broken egg shell in hand
What a mess!

And not this…

Scrambled eggs inside the egg shell video - Kids Activities Blog - scrambled eggs in an eggsehell on a plate
Now I am dreaming of golden eggs for breakfast…

How to Make Scrambled Eggs Without Breaking the Shell

We have all had hardboiled eggs.  When you open up a hardboiled egg, you see the yolk and the white are separate just like you expect.

Golden eggs are different because you are combining the yolk and the white part before you crack the egg!  That means that it becomes this creamy yellow color…golden eggs!

Watch this Video Tutorial on How to Scramble Eggs in the Shell

Supplies Needed to Make Scrambled Eggs in the Shell

  • raw egg
  • plastic bag
  • string, twine or rubber bands
  • long sleeve sweatshirt

Directions for Scrambling an Egg in the Shell

Step 1

Place the raw egg inside the plastic bag.

Step 2

Place the plastic bag clad raw egg inside the sleeve of the sweatshirt.

Step 3 

Tie the sweatshirt sleeve on either side of the egg securely with string or rubber band.  The distance between your two ties will be about 4 inches.

Step 4

Wind up the sleeve several times and then let spin.  Repeat this at least 15x.

How to tell if the egg is scrambled with a light from video

Step 5

Get out your phone flashlight and shine it through the shell to see if you have truly scrambled the egg in the shell.  A normal egg will look golden and a golden egg, scrambled egg will look more reddish and cloudy.  Kinda ironic, eh?

Step 6

Hard boil the egg.  The video suggests putting the egg into hard boiling water and turning off the heat leaving for 15 minutes.  I like to use an egg timer.

Step 7

Peel the egg!  You will see a golden egg inside.  Literally a scrambled egg inside the shell.


Making scrambled eggs in the shell is so fun and the perfect kitchen science activity.  Here are some more fun things you can do with eggs that are a little unexpected. 

How did your scrambled egg in the shell turn out?

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