Being a parent is super hard, but for some parents it sometimes feels like the task is impossible. Some of us have children who are born with physical ailments so severe that we have to alter everything about our family and how we live in order to take care of that child. And we do it. We do it gladly. We, as parents, would do absolutely everything for our children and so even if we’re facing something as daunting as a difficult diagnosis, we face it head on. And that’s exactly what this family has had to do. Born with Congenital Erythropoietic Porphyria, this two-year-old has a sever reaction anytime he’s in the sunlight. Take a look!

I can’t imagine how difficult it is being a parent to a child who can never be in the sun, but these parents are facing their child’s future head on and doing everything they can to protect him. Even though his condition is rare, his family will never give up hoping to someday find a cure…and then, maybe, he can feel sunlight on his face for the first time ever.

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