A mother’s instinct is a powerful thing. It’s the thing that tells a mom to investigate her toddler who has fallen quiet in a room. It’s the thing that makes a mom look up just as her preschooler scrambles into traffic to chase a ball. It’s the thing that mothers rely on to help them navigate the world of childhood and managing to keep these small humans alive even if their every action seems to say they’re actively trying to die. This mom’s instinct told her to stop and investigate a cooler she saw on the side of the road, and many are calling her a hero for doing just that. While she had no idea what would be found in that blue cooler, once she lifted the lid she immediately called for help…and saved some lives. Take a look!

It’s horrifying to imagine what kind of cruel person would put puppies in a cooler to die, but thankfully moms like this woman exist, and because of her trusting her gut, those puppies are alive and well on their way to finding new homes today.

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