Let’s be honest, if you had to pick a favorite Sesame Street character, you would probably choose Cookie Monster. He’s just so lovable and sweet and who can’t relate to his cookie obsession? The whole family loves Cookie Monster!

cookie monster snacks, easy snack recipe, 15 Delicious Cookie Monster Snacks by kids activities blog.
Just look at how gorgeous and cute Cookie Monster is!

If you want to make the most epic and delicious Cookie Monster treats ever, here are 15 Delicious Cookie Monster snacks! Get your kids to go nuts all over these eye-candy recipes!

15 Delicious Cookie Monster Snacks, cookie monster recipes, 15 Delicious Cookie Monster Snacks by kids activities blog.
Get the party going with these Cookie Monster snack recipes.

These adorable Cookie Monster rice Krispie treats look amazing but are really easy to make! Turn your ordinary cookie into an extraordinary treat!

The bark is one of my favorite desserts to make, and this Cookie Monster bark is so fun. Could also be a great idea to make at last-minute kid parties!

These blue chocolate-dipped Oreo’s have sprinkled fur! And the completed food product is too cute to eat!

A combination of sweet and salty popcorn combined with mini cookies? This Cookie Monster popcorn snack is as fun to make as it is to eat.

This no-churn recipe for ice cream is so delicious. A type of recipe that is fully loaded with cookies and chocolate chips. You would not even need an ice cream maker to create one of these!

You can make these Cookie Monster cupcakes yourself, or just spice up pre-made ones from the grocery store! It is so easy to make that you can make tons of them in one sitting!

This Cookie Monster cake has cookie dough filling! Turn your simple cake into a special cake by making this. You will not regret it!

These are probably the most fun brownies ever! Definitely simple brownies but with very special and delicious taste!

This Cookie Monster fudge is so pretty you almost won’t want to eat it! (Almost.) A perfect treat for your Sesame Street-themed party.

A get-together party is not complete without a cake, right? Make an epic Cookie Monster cake that your kids will love.

Fill in your kids’ tummies with these donuts that are super easy to make – just add eyes!

Make some yummy milkshakes during summer that your kids will never forget. Don’t miss a big part of summer without trying this!

If you love cheesecake, these Cookie Monster cheesecake bars are very good and definitely for you! Just make sure to double the ingredients as your kids will ask for more!

How about partnering your favorite Sesame Street character with one of his best friends? Make some awesome Cookie Monster cookies and his buddy Elmo, too!

In just a few minutes you would be able to make one of these. Turn your favorite ice cream cones into Cookie Monster himself!

What cookie recipe are you planning to try first? Comment down below, we’d love to read it!

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