Cats don’t like baths. Let me say that again: cats do not like baths. And yet sometimes they have to have them. When this kitty managed to get himself into something smelly, sticky, and oily, his owner had to get him clean. But knowing kitty was not going to go for this willingly, kitty-daddy made sure to shut the bathroom door and had someone in there recording every single minute of the sad, sad bath. At first kitty does everything he can to get out of it. Shoots out of the water, fights with all of his little kitty energy, but when he realizes the bath is inevitable, he resorts to emotional blackmail to get the job done: he starts to cry in a way that sounds very Very much like the cry of a human baby. Take a look!

Seriously, how sad and pathetic is that meow? The good news is, kitty and man both survived the bath and neither are worse for the wear. And hopefully kitty will stay out of whatever he got into in the first place…for both of their sakes!

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