Mosquitoes Bite These Type Of People

I used to get absolutely RAVISHED by mosquitoes. Especially when I was pregnant. It’s like that pregnant belly put a big ol’ Bite Me sign on my arms and legs and any other exposed part (including my lip once – how does that even happen!?!) and the mosquitoes treated me as their personal buffet. It. Was. Awful. Luckily this was before the time of Zika and eventually I just got used to wearing long sleeves and long pants anytime I was outside. Bug spray? Yeah, that didn’t work so well. The smell made me sick and I was a little concerned with it harming the baby. Still, I always wondered what it was about that time that made mosquitoes love me so much. Turns out, it was because when you’re pregnant your blood volume expands and mosquitoes can tell. The little jerks. Here are some other people mosquitoes zero in on, some you wouldn’t expect! Take a look!

So if you are one of these people, do everything you can to protect yourself! Mosquito bites are no joke!

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