I don’t know where the shoe obsession comes in, but little kids LOVE wearing big people shoes. When my husband would come home from work, he’d take off his boots and immediately my daughter would slip her teeny tiny feet into them and start clomping around the house. It was adorable! And there’s that, too. What is it with us loving watching little kids wearing adult shoes? I mean, think about it: how much does it make us smile to see the littles wearing heels. Boys and girls. It’s just adorable. Maybe it’s the fact that they really are so little compared to us, and seeing them in our shoes truly brings that home. Or maybe it’s watching them wobble around like tiny little newborn giraffe’s who are absolutely unsure of their footing. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s one of the best things ever. Take a look! So yes, sometimes they fall, and sometimes they cry, but they always get back up. And watching them pretend to be the adults they will someday be is something every parent should cherish.

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