New babies are fun. Between the coos and the smiles and that first laugh and their sweet little baby smell there is pretty much anything we would do for them. And I think nature did that on purpose. See, nature knew that it had to give us a whole heck of a lot of good to go with those little darlings, because the bad is…well…really bad. I’m talking crying, lack of sleep, teething fevers and of course diapers. And when they’re brand new those diapers aren’t so bad. They’re messy and there are a lot of them, but not so bad. But then they get bigger. And if it’s your first kid that first diaper after giving that little darling solid food for the first time is a bit like chemical warfare. This dad found that out the hard way. Take a look! I wish I could say I felt nothing but empathy for this guy, but the truth is I laughed my booty off. And from the sounds of it, so did his baby. Don’t worry, dad, potty training should happen in, oh, three or four more years. Good luck!

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  1. Karan johar asked if he changes his babies nappies he said i don’t change. I am terrible at change the nappies. And i don’t want my babies to have badly change nappies. I love them and I adore them there are my life but i don’t change there nappies