Guy Skims Across Pool And Jumps Out Without Ever Swimming

Summer is a time for hanging in the sun and splashing in the waves. Growing up on the farm we had a river about three miles from our house, and that’s where we’d splash. It’d be hours of swimming in the murky waters, watching for bears and water snakes, laughing about the fish nibbling on our toes. The first summer after we moved we went to a real water park for the first time ever. It. Was. Amazing. No, it was nothing like the river and the natural fun we all had, but all those slides, and sprays, and waves, and people? Amazing. I imagine it was like what people felt like when they went from black and white television to color. Just a completely different world. Still, as awesome as it was, I Never saw anything like this before. When this guy slides down the huge water slide, he does something amazing…something I’ve never seen before. And from the looks on the faces of those around him, neither have they! Take a look!

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