If there is such a thing as a history nerd, I’m that. I have always loved speeches and spent more than a few years in college pouring through old tomes to read every word I could find from our past leaders. From Thomas Payne to Lincoln to JFK and beyond I was always surprised that these brilliant leaders often spoke words that were not only relevant in their time, but that continued to speak to people for generations and in some cases centuries beyond when they were spoken. JFK has always been one of my favorite leaders. Even though his time was cut short, he had an eloquence about him that still makes me proud – still makes me thrill in his words. Take a look! Leaders are all around us. From the principals in our schools to the heads of our companies to children who are growing up into their own, if we listen we will find them echoing our own feelings and fears and in those echoes we will find the truths of our lives.

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