Marriage is the biggest commitment two people can make to each other, and it always affects more than the two who are getting married. So often we live in a myopic view of the world, our own little bubble, so to speak, and seeing beyond ourselves can be difficult. That’s what makes what this groom did even more special. During their wedding vows this groom interrupted the priest and stepped away from the bride. While that might have been strange, he actually did it for a very sweet reason. After calling his new step-daughter up to the front, he knelt in front of her and took out a second diamond – this one for her. Take a look!

It would have been so easy for him to marry his new bride, and make all assurances to his step-daughter at home, but he knew that wasn’t enough. In front of God and church and everyone, he promised to be her daddy, to hold her as his own daughter, and from the look on that little girl’s face, that’s exactly what she needed to hear.

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