Must Have Essential Oils for the Home Office

Sometimes even with the right working space, you might find yourself feeling stressed, or having trouble concentrating and finding mental clarity. To help you out with that these are the must have essential oils for the home office.

Your home office spaces are an important space. Whether you work in it full time or only occasionally, it’s important that you create a work environment in which you can be productive.

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Image shows a wooden desk with a keyboard and a cup of coffee, text reads "must have Essential Oils for the Home Office" ideas from Kids Activities Blog
You gotta try these essential oil tips for the home office!

Essential Oils for the Home Office

Essential oils offer more than a pleasant scent; they actually have beneficial effects especially when used on a daily basis. You can use a few drops of essential oils with a carrier oil such as coconut oil to massage your hands, or use an essential oil diffuser with lavender essential oil during your work day to relax and fight mental fatigue.

During the winter months, an easy way to prevent the flu season is by mixing specific oils in a small spray bottle (our favorite is a mix of drops of lemon oil with peppermint oil) or in an aromatherapy diffuser. There are so many different smells you can try which actually have great health benefits!

Our favorite thing about using essential oils at home, home office, or in a regular office environment is that you get a lot of benefits to your mental and physical health using just natural products, promoting healthy living.

The best essential oils we know and recommend are Young Living essential oils as they are 100% pure essential oils of the highest quality, have the greatest selection of singles and essential oil blends, and offer us the best results every time.

These are our favorite recipes using common essential oils for the home office:

Improve your creativity

Do you ever find yourself getting stuck at whatever task you need to get done? If you want to boost your creativity and create a positive environment, an uplifting scent is cedarwood essential oil. A mixture with spruce and sandalwood can also be helpful.

Get you motivated

We all have days where we need a bit of help getting motivated. There’s an oil for that, too! Try rose, lavender, ylang ylang, and cinnamon for starters. They are also great for mental health!

Make you more productive

When you need some aromatherapy to make you more productive at your tasks and raise your energy levels, consider lemon, peppermint, rosemary, or frankincense. Mixtures of these scents will also work well so try different blends and see which ones you like best.

Image shows a wooden desk with a keyboard and a cup of coffee, text reads "must have Essential Oils for the Home Office" ideas from Kids Activities Blog
Which essential oils are you going to try?

Bring in more business

Who doesn’t want more business? More business means more money, right? So, what do essential oils have to do with that? Well, some people believe that certain oils attract wealth and luck. If you want to try it yourself, consider a blend of spruce, ginger, frankincense and cinnamon bark.

Boost your immune system

Work can be stressful and this can put you at a higher risk for colds and other viruses. Essential oils and blends that boost immunity can be great to use in the home office. Try eucalyptus, orange, clove extract, tangerine, cedarwood , and peppermint as examples.

Many people have found that these essential oils help them in the office. Give them a try for yourself and see what you think. Some people respond differently to certain oils than others. Most people find that they need to experiment with different oils before they find the ones that work the best for them. The same is true for oils you use in your home office.

So, give some of these essential oils for the home office on this list a try but don’t be afraid to experiment and see how you respond to different blends and different oils. You might be surprised at what you find.

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What did you think of these must have essential oils for the home office? Did we miss any important ones?

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