Are you looking for ways to stay more focused? Whether you’re a busy mom or a college student, you may have wondered if aromatherapy can help you out. Fortunately, it can. Here are some of the best essential oils to improve concentration and enhance mental clarity. This blog post contains affiliate links.
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Did you know there are some essential oils that can help you focus better?

Essential Oils to Improve Concentration

Do you struggle with a lack of focus during study time? Do you have a big test coming up and that cup of coffee isn’t helping anymore? Or are you a mom that needs some extra brain power in the mornings? Don’t worry! Here are the best ways different essential oils can help with that. Numerous studies show that preventing mental fatigue and increasing energy levels starts with a healthy diet and enough sleep. However, there are some specific essential oils that are of great help to improve mental performance and get rid of brain fog, especially during that afternoon slump. Ugh! What’s best is that the use of essential oils in your daily life has other beneficial effects. For example, ylang ylang and lavender essential oil help lower blood pressure, while roman chamomile is used to fight lack of sleep. Clary sage is a popular oil that helps improve memory and brain function. These are some great choices for helping our mental health with some drops of essential oils, but there are many more you can try. These are some effective essential oils to improve concentration:
  • Peppermint – Peppermint essential oil is a great oil to help awaken the mind, strengthen your senses, boost your memory, and reduce nervous tension. You might want to try out this essential oil before an important class lecture, or work meeting to stay focused.
  • Sage – This powerful essential oil has been found to give people a memory boost and increase senses in the morning. If you’re looking to cut back on caffeine, you might want to consider including sage essential oil in your aromatherapy routine instead. 
  • Basil– If the reason you can’t focus is because you’re always tired, you may want to try out basil essential oil. It is known to help reduce fatigue-related attention or memory problems. Whether your baby kept you up all night or you pulled an all-nighter for school or work, basil essential oil may be beneficial for you.
  • Frankincense – Looking for natural remedies to help you cope with your ADHD? If so, you might consider trying Frankincense essential oil. It has been an effective way to improve focus and concentration. It can also make it easier to cope with distractions, reduce restlessness, and help prevent hyperactivity. 

Essential Oils to Improve Concentration

More Essential Oils to Improve Concentration

  • Rosemary – Rosemary oil has been linked to increased long-term memory, or the ability to remember things that will happen in the future. It can help you remember to pick your kids up from soccer, or to make it to the next PTA meeting. It’s also been found to improve cognitive performance. 
  • Lavender – Is stress part of your inability to focus? Lavender essential can help increase relaxation and may also help you sleep better at night. You’ll be less tired, less stressed, and more able to focus!
  • Lemon – Lemon essential oil has been found to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as improve memory. It’s another great option if you’re having a hard time staying focused because of your stress.
These are just some of the best essential oils to improve concentration! Whether you’re studying for a big exam or just need help staying on top of your daily chores, incorporating one or more of these essential oils in your daily routine may be an ideal solution.


Do you have any more tips to use essential oils for concentration? What are your favorite ones?

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