Watching Animals Drink From A Random Bucket Of Water In The Desert Is Surprisingly Beautiful

When you think about the desert you think dry, hot, waterless. And for many desert landscapes that’s absolutely the case. In this case, though, this videographer wanted to know who all might stop by if he placed a bucket of water in the desert. The results? Incredible. While this might not be everyone’s idea of art, it’s amazing to me. I love seeing the world from a perspective I’ve never see it from before. And this is definitely that. For one, I had no idea so many different types of animals would end up at the same bucket. For another, it was surprisingly peaceful to watch. I could spend hours a day watching animals drink water from a bucket in the desert. I had no idea something like this could even exist, and now that I’ve seen it, I wish there was more! Take a look!

My favorite? The steer. Apparently you can lead a steer to water, but you can’t make him drink. Also, for anyone worried…the creator of this video says the swimming bees were rescued. Truly beautiful!

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