Trouble Making Toddler Gets Caught In The Act

My favorite story about my older brother, to this day, is about the day when he was three and my mom walked into his room and thought he was dying. I know, doesn’t sound that great, but give it a sec… See, what happened is my trouble-making big brother woke up before my parents and wandered quietly into the kitchen. Once there, he got into the refrigerator, pulled a few things out – including the ketchup – and then wandered quietly back to his room. Only he brought the ketchup with him. Once there he proceeded to make a scene that would impress Jackson Pollack if he were alive today. Red splatter all over his sheets, all over the wall, the floor, and tired out after his ‘artistic endeavor’, he fell back asleep. Definitely the best story of my big brother, pretty much ever. This little girl has an ‘artistic’ streak, too, but luckily mom catches her mid-act and is able to get her back in line before things reach ‘ketchup’ level mischief. Take a look!


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