Man Gives Heart-Felt ‘Thank You’ To Church Who Gave Him Huge Tip

We’ve all been down on our luck at some point or another. There’s always a time where we feel like we’re invisible and struggling and where the world simply doesn’t see how much we need a hand. For me it was in my early twenties. I lived in New York and even though I had a job, I’d run out of money. Not able to pay rent, or food, I found myself on the street. It was a scary time. I’d spend days storing my suitcase so I could go to work and nights riding on subway cars just to have a place to rest. A family friend offered me an open plane ticket to come back home whenever I needed it, and I after a week of living like that I knew it was time. It was the most generous and thoughtful gift I’d ever been given. All that to say, I absolutely understand how this man feels. While delivering pizzas to a church, the pastor handed him a $100 tip. Then, the rest of the church lined up to follow suit. This was his response to their generous $700 tip…

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