One of my favorite all time memories is from years ago when I managed a retail store. Our store was a little recessed and if you didn’t know it was there, there was a chance you might miss it. So, in order to make sure the customers always knew where we were, we’d stand in front of the store and play and dance and do silly things. It was always a blast and the customers, of course, loved it. But that favorite memory is about one of my employees. That day we decided to do a hula hoop challenge and this guy could not hula hoop to save his life. He’d start out with it around his middle, but it landed on the ground so fast that his hips would still be moving without it there. Exactly like this little girl. Take a look! It cracks me up how determined she is. Like, she knows it isn’t there, but that doesn’t mean she’s done hula hooping, you know? So she keeps going. Over and over again. So funny!

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