This Chipmunk Is All Of Us When It Comes To Fresh Sheets

When my kids were little, on cold winter nights I’d always throw their sheets and blanket into the dryer before they went to bed at night. It was a small thing, but something that felt like a hug as they fell asleep. My kids have Always loved fresh sheets. But, don’t we all? There is nothing better than getting into a bed with fresh sheets, crisp from just being washed, and soft from not having been slept on yet. It’s one of those pleasures in life that’s not guilty and absolutely amazing. And apparently chipmunks feel the same way. When this pet chipmunk climbs onto a bed with fresh sheets, he reacts exactly like we all do. Take a look!

I’ve never been jealous of a chipmunk before in my life, but watching this little clown slide across the sheets like that made me want some of my own. Which is awesome, but also means I have to change the bed now. So thanks for the laugh, but now I have to go do laundry…

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