Young friends Khiyla, Naima and Ajanae created a music video that Ellen loved so much, she invited the three of them to show off their dance moves in person! And boy did they! Not only do these girls have personality to spare, they dance like their feet are on FIRE! There are professional adult dancers who couldn’t keep up with these three. For kids who are so young, I have no idea how they’ve managed to put together something as spectacular as this, yet watching them it seems like it’s in their blood! Take a look!

There are times I’m not sure they’ve even got their feet on the ground. These girls are spectacular and I don’t know if they plan to dance for a living, but I think at this point they could absolutely shoot for the stars. I hope they keep it up, because to be this good, and to be having this much fun is truly a gift many never experience. Great job, girls!

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