First, turn down the volume. Apparently this is one of those toys that is SUPER LOUD. Now that that’s done, I have to tell you, I’ve never seen a kid freak out like this before. From the sound of his mom, I’m not sure she’s seen it before, either. My kids were funny…they loved playing with their toys, but they never got so excited by them that they had big reactions. People, yes. My daughter would practically crawl out of her onesie to get close to grandma whenever she came over to visit, but never toys. This little baby boy, though, can not contain his excitement as the balls pop up over and over again. And the best part? He’s equally excited every single time it happens. Take a look! Have you seen anything so cute before? I mean, laughing I could understand, but this – he’s vibrating. He can’t contain himself. This is the coolest, most exciting thing he’s ever seen in his life and he just can not handle it. And we can’t, either. What a cutie pie!

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