Baby Can’t Resist Knocking Over Glass Of Water

Babies are nothing but trouble makers wrapped up in cute little squishy packages. And if you ask most moms, they know Exactly what they’re doing. Sure, maybe not right at first, but those little cutie pies figure out pretty quickly that they wield great power and they use it to bend the world around them to their will. Take this little one, for instance. Apparently this child was a cat in a previous life, and now that baby is old enough to toddle, it is once again living out the cat dream: knocking water off the table. Take a look!

The way baby walked over there with huge determination cracked me up, but watching it reach for the water over and over and over again, taunting mom with her ‘no’s’ kept me on the edge of my seat. Sure, mom could have just moved the glass, but what fun would that have been? Instead we’ve got a video that’ll be shown to the family for decades to come…as it should be.

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