For me, it’s waterbugs. I live in Texas and every once in a while humongous bugs, approximately the size of a station wagon, get into my house and I am terrified of them. They’re brown, and have foot long antenna, and they look like cockroaches if cockroaches went to prison for killing a guy, stayed in there for ten years, and then got out on a technicality. They are evil, too. They fly at you. I’m not kidding. If you try to kill those suckers, they fly at you. So every time I see one I am exactly like the woman in this video. I want to kill it, but I know it’s gonna come at me. So I take aim, and then can’t do it. And try again, and can’t do it…take a look! Usually after a couple minutes of this I’m in tears, standing on furniture and screaming for someone to come help. Mostly because those suckers fly at you and I’m having visions that it’s gonna come at me even while I’m leaving it alone. But also because I’m terrified of them. Almost as terrified as the woman in this video…

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