Dog Reunited With Favorite Toy After Five Years, Can’t Stop Talking To It

My parents have a tiny little four-year-old pooch who has been playing with the same plastic fish since the day they brought him home. None of us know why he loves it so much, but he LOVES his fish. Like, this dog has ALL THE TOYS. Everything any dog could ever want. And bones. And a cat friend. But if he is dead asleep on the couch and you say the word ‘fish’ in the garage, in a whisper, with the washer and dryer running, he will STILL run to bring you his toy. It is his favorite. I think that’s why I love this video so much. For this dog, his favorite toy went missing for FIVE YEARS. And when he found it again, just the sweetest thing ever. Take a look!

I don’t know what it is about those favorite toys, but dogs just know. They’ve got that one toy that means more to them than all the others, and losing it is like losing a friend. I’m so glad this pupper found his again. I don’t know what my parent’s dog would do without his fish.

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