Brave Kitten Befriends Sweet German Shepherd

Some of us are just born brave. Some of us are born ready to tackle the world, take on the highest mountain, traverse vast terrains. My daughter is one of those brave souls. Never a fearful bone in her body. While I wanted to wrap her in bubble wrap, she’d spend hours trying to figure out how to fly. She never worried about getting hurt, or falling, or was scared of anything and to this day she always runs head on into danger. This kitten reminds me so much of my daughter. Snowball is one of a group of kittens who were documented probably just for the sake that kittens are cute. Snowball left the box first, was the first to do a lot of things, really. And when a gigantic german shepherd came in to investigate the little ones? Snowball was the one who went to say hello. Take a look!

If they were together I’m guessing Snowball and my daughter would tackle the world together. I can see them riding across the country on a motorcycle: a girl and her cat. They’d probably write a novel about the experience, too. And then who knows – maybe become fighter pilots or something. Who know.

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